Katima Mulilo offers a great variety of businesses in both service and retail sections.  From large size corporates eg. Shoprite and PicknPay retailers, Banks like FNB, Standard, NedBank and Bank Windhoek, telecommunications eg. Telecom, MTC, to wholesalers eg Megasave.

Building & Hardware stores, Clothing Stores, Food Stores is plentifull, giving the consumer a choice.  Automobile service Centres, Fridge & Aircon repair, Medical Cervices & pharmacies are also available. 

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Vusiness Directory
Yes, V because the people of the Caprivi pronounce
their B's as BV, with the V more prominent!  Check the People's page for more interesting facts!
Projects based in Katima Mulilo, but affecting the Caprivi Region as well, and even the whole Namibia:

-  Trans Caprivi Powerline (& NamPower's Substation)

-  KaZa TFCA 
(KAvango Zambezi Trans Frontier Conservation Area 

-  Katima Town Clean-up

-  Katima Waterfront

-  Fight against TB & AIDS
Under Construction