Central Caprivi
Dividing the Eastern and Western Caprivi is the Kwando River.  This narrow and winding river give rise to great marchy areas with papyrus and bullgrass lining the banks of the river. This piece of the Caprivi is very unique and as an ecological system unlike everywhere else in the Caprivi.  Inside the Bwabwata National Park, thus on the Western side of the River, is a very sandy and worthhwile 4X4 road going down to  Horse Shoe, a piece of cut-off river that always hosts hippo and other animals.  Nambwa campsite and Susuwe Island Lodge is also down this road.  Going through the Kongola Gate you will be entering the eastern Caprivi.  Kongola is the little "town" about 3km east of the gate. After the filling station is the turn off to the gravel road that travels around the southern rim of the Caprivi.  This road is excellent and accesable to all vehicles, although, as always, gravel roads should be driven cautiously and slowly.
Down this road are many lodges and campsites that will give you one of the most relaxing birdwatching experiences of your life.  Going further south is the Mudumu and Mamuli National Parks, that can be visited by day while you are enjoying your stay at one of the accommodations in the area.  Also there to visit is the traditional villages, which will give you close insight on how the local residents enjoy life.  Of these, the village of Namushasha and Lizauli is most commonly known.

Bum Hill Community Campsite
Susuwe Island Lodge
Nambwa Campsite
Namushasha Lodge & Camping Site, Traditional Village
Camp Kwando
Mazambala Lodge
Lianshulu Lodge & Lianshulu Bushcamp
Malyo Campsite
Horse Shoe, Bwabwata National Park
Living Museum, Singalamwe
Mashi Crafts
Kongola Crafts (MBukushu Crafts)
Lizauli Traditional Village & Dances
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