Western Caprivi
Where the Okavango River cuts through Namibia, it separates the Okavango Region and the Caprivi Region.   The little town at this crossing bridge is called Divundu.  Just kilometers south of Divundu lies Poppa Falls, where the river runs through the rapids with amazing force.  Below the rapids on the western side lies the Mahangu Game Reserve, where large herds of antelope run freely, especially the Sable, which is quite a magnificent animal. From the Eastern bank of the river stretches the West Caprivi National Park, or Bwabwata National Park as it has been renamed to.  Along this stretch of river are many lodges and camping sites to accommodate every type of traveler. This is also the perfect stopover if you are on the way to or coming from
the Okavango Delta, Drotsky's Cave or Tsodilo Hills, crossing the Namibia-Botswana Border at Mohembo.  

Divava Lodge

Divundu Guest House

Mahangu Safari Lodge

Marunga Rainbow Lodge

Ndhovu Lodge

Ndunda Lodge

Ngepi Camp

Poppa Falls Resort Campsite
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Poppa Falls